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Nothing is more crucial than the safety of our employees, building partners, and clients, and we recognize that we are accountable for protecting people. Safety is engrained in our culture, and our goal is to have zero incidents, and zero accidents on each and every project. We act as stewards of safety for the benefit of our clients, our communities, and our team members through our daily site inspections, daily reporting, and maintaining a clean and organized jobsite. Our methodology of achieving safety excellence relies on this simple approach and drives our philosophy, “No One Gets Hurt.”  
This is a notice on the COVID-19 "stay at Home" order and its effect on our workers,partners,and clients. we are still working as outlined in the Memo from Judy Fryland - Commissioner.Chicago Department of Buiilding.


With a combined 200+ years of highly experienced construction management on our team, our group of imaginative leaders has a demonstrated history of successful leadership and completion of projects across many verticals. The depth of our staff includes the management of millions of square feet of various types of complex commercial projects including high-rises, luxury hotels, mixed-use buildings, municipal buildings, restaurants, retail centers, senior living facilities, and adaptive reuse landmark buildings to name a few. With expertise in all aspects of construction project management, our team has a proven record of solving complex problems by proactively mitigating risk, managing the budget tightly, and controlling the construction schedule. See our Team page for a list of projects each staff member has completed


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